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For a wide range of engineering surveys and field gathering services throughout the UK, come to the experts at William Jones and Partners Ltd. To cater to the requirements of external clients, we organise specialised commissions and work alongside our colleagues in engineering, environmental and transport disciplines.

The experienced team at William Jones and Partners Ltd have the skills and the knowledge to give you specialist surveying services in industries such as construction, energy, environment, buildings, archaeology, civil engineering, oil and gas. Most of our clients include developers, contractors, local authorities, government agencies and other major institutions.


We undertake survey design, field work, data processing and presentations to give you advice on every aspect of surveying.


From surveying simple topographical features to complex infrastructure projects, we provide consultancy services throughout Liverpool.

Laser scanning: Consists of limited access structures, facades, plant rooms, rock faces, Trueview, volumetrics and more.


Engineering surveys: Bridges, highways, railway infrastructure, marine works, pipes and sewers, building developments, steel structures etc.


Land Surveys: 3D modelling, precise levelling, proof surveys, GPS surveys, setting out and services tracing.


Historic structure and archaeology: Plans and elevations, excavations, earthworks and landscapes, presentation drawings, measured surveys.

Reliable services throughout the UK

Our capabilities

Contact William Jones and Partners Ltd for expert engineering surveys and field gathering services throughout Liverpool.


Call us on 0151 298 1937 for more information.

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